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Support for Aquaculture Producers

We provide practical solutions to improve fish welfare: benefiting both producers and consumers.


As a non-profit, we are not financially connected to any companies or businesses. We give advice that is neutral, impartial and tailored to your needs.


Any recommendations we give are based on the latest research available. We also conduct our own studies to identify practical solutions.

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We are independently funded by donors who are interested in supporting change in aquaculture. This allows us to offer our services for free.


Learn more about our current focus on pre-slaughter electrical stunning for sea bass and sea bream in Mediterranean aquaculture systems.

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Consumer survey on electrical stunning

Our consumer survey in Spain, Italy, France and Greece has been published.
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Meet us at Aquaculture Congress 2024

We will be in Athens for the conference on June 28 and 29.
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Meet us at Seafood Expo Global Barcelona 2024

We will be in Barcelona for the conference from April 23 until April 25.
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