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for consumers, farmers, and fish

Our work

Accelerating the use of humane slaughter methods for sea bream and bass

Our three pillar approach to support the uptake of pre-slaughter electrical stunning


We provide research on key barriers to the adoption of pre-slaughter electrical stunning

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Industry partnerships

We work with retailers, importers, fish producers, and stunning equipment manufacturers to build coalitions of progress

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Direct support

We support fish farmers to use electrical stunning, by working together to reduce financial and logistical barriers

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"Industry and consumers have recognized that slaughtering fish without rendering them unconscious first is a cruelty that needs to stop. The good news is that we can change this – faster and easier than ever before"
Martin WickeCo-founder & Director at Centre for Aquaculture Progress

Why electrical stunning?

Electrical pre-slaughter stunning is a modern, commercially available technology for humane slaughter which can....

  • ...replace outdated slaughter processesMost sea bream and sea bass today are killed by being immersed in an ice slurry, a process which is not considered acceptable by the World Organisation for Animal Health
  • ...improve fish welfareElectrical stunning reliably renders fish unconscious in less than one second, reducing their suffering
  • deployed immediatelyDifferent technological solutions are available and have proven to be reliable and safe
  • ...improve processing and handlingHarvesting equipment including stunning machinery improves processing speed and handling
  • ...yield a higher quality productReducing stress fish endure during the slaughter process improves meat quality and shelf life
  • ...allow access to exclusive marketsExport markets with higher retail prices and higher expectations for fish welfare, such as the UK, can be accessed by providing humanely slaughtered fish
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Executive Team

naomi-bg3.jpgNaomi MurnCo-founder & Director
Naomi holds degrees in Law and Advanced Mathematics from the University of Sydney. She has extensive experience working in the commercial sector as a practicing lawyer and navigating relationships with stakeholders, including government departments, sophisticated corporate entities, and start-ups.
martin-bg3.jpgMartin WickeCo-founder & Director
Martin holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Economics and has worked in a technology start-up providing software applications to millions of people. He is passionate about providing a holistic view of new technology, from aspects of business economics to practical implementation.
august-bg3.jpgAugust HochmanCo-founder & Director
August has held multiple leadership positions in legislative advocacy and health non-profits. She has trained and worked as a mediator and is skilled at finding innovative, win-win solutions for every stakeholder at the table. She graduated from Kenyon College magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts.


Andres Jimenez Zorrilla
Chief Executive Officer of Shrimp Welfare Project (SWP)
Olga Kikou
Director of Advocacy at European Institute for Animal Law and Policy, President of the Green Greek Institute in Greece, ex-Compassion in World Farming
Patrick Stadler
Coordinator at Pour Demain, ex-UN, ex-Swiss Government

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